We use a mix of design thinking and ethnography to acquire a deep understanding of the most significant needs and valuable opportunities between brands and people.

Human Understanding

Emotions, motives and behaviours that create a true connection

Learn the emotionsmotives, and behaviors of the audiences to improve our understanding of people and create a true and relevant connection between brand experiences and the audience.

HX Research & Analytics

Factual data that informs and facilitate decision-making

We employ a myriad of methods including qualitative and quantitative research, prototyping, and decision science to gain factual data that inform both the strategic and creative efforts, as well as facilitate decision-making.

Experience Evaluation

Pinpoint what matters to create more value

Learn the value of individual Experience Points (XPs) within the internal and external experience to better pinpoint what matters to key audiences, and designate efforts that create more value for the business and the audience.